Marriage & Life

Sexual Relationship:

God created mankind male and female and in so doing established the normal pattern of one man and one woman together in the relationship we call marriage. Sexual union is one of God’s specific blessings to be enjoyed within marriage: for manifesting the oneness of the husband and wife, which reflects Christ’s oneness with His bride the church, for the mutual joy of both partners, and for the procreation of children. A married couple forms the foundation of the biblical family to which the blessing of children may be added, but which is in no way less a family if God does not grant that gift.

Attempts to include any other sexual relationship whether heterosexual or homosexual within the scope of biblically acceptable behavior is a violation of Scripture. We hold that all sexual activity outside the union of husband and wife within marriage violates God’s Word and is outside of God’s purposes for sex.

Therefore, based upon the clear teaching of Scripture, we must specifically reject homosexuality in any form as acceptable behavior, as well as all forms of heterosexual fornication and adultery.

We also recognize that the Bible offers both forgiveness for types of sexual sin, and the hope of both relational and sexual wholeness through God’s sanctifying power, upon confession and repentance.
(Gen. 1,2; Eph. 5:22-23; Rom. 1:18-32)

Sanctity of Life:

God is the creator of all life, and from the moment of conception He recognizes each unique individual in His sight. Thus the purposeful taking of the life of that unborn individual is a sin both against the God who grants life and has created mankind in His image and against that unborn person. Once born, a person’s life is still a sacred gift, and any attempt by oneself or others to end prematurely that life for any reasons other than capital punishment is also a violation of both the Giver and possessor of that life.
(Jer. 1:5; Ps. 51:5; Luke 1:39-44; Ps. 139; Gen. 1:26; Gen. 9:6; Ro, 13:3-4)

We recognize that the Bible offers forgiveness for sin with the call to confess that sin and repent, turning to God for grace of salvation.
(Rom 5:1-3, 6, 9; Eph 2:1-10)

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